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Praise for Mike Woolf's MAN ON A MISSION

"You can sense the joy Richard Garriott feels in achieving a lifelong dream…his father watching him blast off and return lend the proceedings real poignancy."
- Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

"Exquisite, genuinely awe-inspiring… A thrilling wonder story of two generations of dreamy stargazers and pragmatic, practical Earthmen who gave their lives and livelihoods over to their childhood dreams of space travel." - Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle

"This is a film that every geek on this planet should see and share with their family...
This film must be seen."
- Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News

"Inspirational!" - Jana J. Monji, Chicago Sun-Times

"Engaging…certain images, like a look out the capsule porthole during the burn phase of reentry, amaze simply because they are not special effects." - Hank Sartin, Time-Out Chicago

"An up-close and personal look at space travel… A must-see for stargazers of all ages."
- Ronnie Scheib, Variety

"A vicarious thrill for anyone who ever fantasized about becoming an astronaut."
- Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle

"A disarmingly enthusiastic documentary about how its subject eventually found his own way into orbit. Summons up the childlike wonder and optimism inherent in space exploration." - Alison Willmore, AV Club

"Garriott is a likeable and enviable guide…fascinating." - Basil Tsiokos, What Not To Doc

"Exhilarating!" - Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times

"A triumphant biopic…fascinating."- Kam Williams

"Strikes a balance that documentarians worldwide should envy”- Carol Pinchefsky, Space Future

"The most inspiring part of the film though has to be the documentation of Richard’s time in space... We are also privy to images that very few have ever seen before. Richard points his camera outside the portal window in the return capsule and very few have ever seen something like that on film. Awesome." -Andrew Mack, Fantastic Fest Review- TwitchFilm.com

"Exhilarating... I can’t recall seeing another documentary that so effectively captures the thrill of space travel. If you have children, take them to see this little beauty."
- Smells Like Screen Spirit

"The cinematography is stunning." - Slackerwood

"Garriott narrates in an upbeat, affectless flow of pure geekery." - Joshua Rothkopf, Time-Out NY

"Director Mike Woolf tells [Garriott’s] story simply and well." - James Van Maanen

"The photography is outstanding, yielding a unique perspective of the cramped inside of a space capsule…beautifully filmed, artistically constructed and scientifically complete."
- Neely Swanson, Easy Reader News

"Gives us stunning shots of space, an inside look at cosmonaut training, and for the first time ever, a camera is rolling in the capsule during the return to Earth, as well as being a study of a man who made his dreams come true." - Lisa Derrick, FireDogLake

"A likeable glimpse of an experience almost no one has ever had firsthand." - New City Film

"A revealing look behind the scenes of Russia's space program." - Tariq Malik, Space.com

"Accessible & intimate… there’s a lot to like about Garriott’s story." - Documentary Channel

"This is hardly one of those quiet observational documentaries…[Garriott] wants audiences to share his enthusiasm, which is a rather appealing change. Informative and entertaining."
- Joe Bendel, Epoch Times