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PEPE DANQUART (Director / Writer)

From 1975-81 Pepe Danquart studied Media & Communication at Freiburg University and was a founding Member of Media Workshop Freiburg (MWF). He has completed about 30 films/videos as author/director in the filmcollective MWF and in 1978 he won the National Documentary Award for the "entire output" of MWF. He became a member of the European Film Academy in 1994 and graduated from the European producers school EAVE in 1995.

In 1994 he won an Academy Award (Oscar®) for the Live-action Short Black Rider. In 2000 he won the National Film Award (Lola®) for Best Director for Homegame.

In addition to his work as a director/writer, Pepe works as a teacher at various film schools in Germany (dffb in Berlin, film academy in Ludwigsburg, ZFP) and works as a dramaturgical advicer and producer for documentary films.

Currently he is working with Austrian director Michael Glawogger (Megacities) as creative partner/co-producer on his new film Working Man's Death. He is creative partner of producer Mirjam Quinte (Quinte Film Production) and is a commission editor at the National Cultural Film Fund (BKM) in the Ministry of Culture of Germany.