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Praise for TO THE LIMIT

"Cheerfully lunatic!  Daring enough to appeal to more than just the usual extreme-sports junkies, To the Limit is equal parts breathtakingly daring rock-climbing footage and family psychodrama.  In profiling the brothers Huber—Alexander and Thomas, Germans who look like Guns 'N' Roses roadies—Danquart and his team of "extreme cinematographers" take as many risks as their subjects." - Vadim Rizov, Village Voice

"A visually breathtaking essay about daredevils hooked on the thrill of speed rock-climbing….sends extreme sports buffs to heaven and keeps general viewers engaged … nimbly balanced with insights into the appeal of this death-defying pursuit and gradual revelations about the siblings' intense professional rivalry.” -Variety

"Even the cameramen had to be extreme climbers… swinging close to the abyss with a feeling of imminent danger….No mere documentation of a sports event, To the Limit is a character study of two brothers…Impressive.” -Berliner Zeitung

"Due to the proximity of the cameramen on the two brothers, the climbing scenes leave an almost physical impression on the audience…and impressive and astonishingly honest film.” -Schnitt

"Shows the difficult relationship between two very different characters, each driven by their ambition in pursuit of extreme goals...spectacular shots ...even the most critical moments are recorded in pictues.” -Deusche Welle

"Breathtaking, intense… Recommended!”

"Danquart, one of Germany's most remarkable filmmakers… captures climbing even in perhaps hitherto unprecedented intensity and proximity…the question is always: “How did they get that shot?” … exciting, often breathtaking and deserves high respect for the enormous skill of the cameramen and the director…a fascinating, complex portrait of two brothers.”

"Thanks to enormous effort, Pepe Danquart succeeds in conjuring breathtaking images from this adventure before a grand backdrop while delivering remarkable insight into a fascinating sport ... To the Limit shows us what drives people to ever new and extreme experiences… the tension unlikely to be topped.”

"A film full of suspense and thrills – along with breathtaking images from dizzying heights and spectacular climbing scenes in this exciting documentary, we also see the human side of the charismatic Hüber brothers.”