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"Moni Yakim has taught movement at Juilliard since 1968. A new film captures his impact on scores of actors. 'He's not a coddler,' says Jessica Chastain."  - The New York Times (read the full story here)

"Pulls back the curtain...revealing the methods of one of theater's most renowned movement masters. An intelligent, well-executed documentary."  - Michael OrdoƱa, Los Angeles Times

"A must-see for anyone interested in acting and the theater."  - David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

"One of the more insightful films about acting in some time, an observational tribute to acting teacher Moni Yakim. It's almost like auditing a class."  - Kent Turner, Film-Forward

"A love letter to a teacher who shaped the futures of so many wonderful actors, and who is an incredible performer in his own right."  - Lorry Kikta, Film Threat

"Engaging...fascinating."  - Caroline Madden, Screen Queens