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Director - Eran Riklis
Run Time - 107 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1992
Genre - Foreign Drama

Educational Interest- Cinema Studies, Jewish Studies, Sports


Institutional DVD Price: $195




It's June, 1982. Israel has just invaded Lebanon. Unfortunately, this action is taking place in the middle of soccer's World Cup tournament. Cohen, an Israeli soldier, has tickets for the games in Barcelona, but he is stuck in the desert, seeking out the enemy. Things go from bad to worse for him when he is captured by a band of retreating PLO soldiers en route to Beirut. Cohen's only solace is that the PLO leader, Ziad, shares his passion for the Italian national soccer team. Laced with humor, wit and violence, Cup Final is a subtle tale of shared humanity.



"Like Fuller, Coppola and Kubrick, Riklis brings home the surreality of war." - Village Voice

"Exhilarating... miraculous... a powerful film and one of the most unassuming great movies ever made!"
- The Washington Post