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Six Dance Films from Around the World

Run Time - 95 minutes
Format - DVD, color

Educational Interest- Cinema Studies, Dance, Performance


Institutional DVD Price: $125


Dance for Camera presents six films that are among the most outstanding examples of a new film genre that merges dance and film. Selected from festivals in Europe and North America, and winners of over 17 international awards, these films present an array of humor, drama, beauty and rhythm not usually seen on film or stage made by young emerging artists from around the world.


Films Include:

Reines d'un Jour, Switzerland, 26 minutes
Choreographer: Marie Nespolo, Christine Kung; Director: Pascal Magnin


Measure, United States, 7 minutes
Choreographer: Dayna Hanson; Directors: Gaelen Hanson and Danya Hanson


Rest in Peace, UK & Netherlands, 9 minutes
Choreographer: Hans Hof Ensemble; Director: Annick Vroom; Producer: Rodney Wilson


A Village Trilogy, Canada, 24 minutes
Choreographer and Director: Laura Taler


Cornered, Canada, 5 minutes
Producer/director/choreographer: Michael Downing


Contrecoup, Switzerland, 24 minutes
Choreography: Guilherme Botelho; Director: Pascal Magnin


"Impressive, playful, haunting, sophisticated, sublime, wonderful!" - Dance Magazine


"No art form has showm more vitality or greater innovation in recent years… This is a sample of what's been happening. " - San Francisco Int'l Film Festival