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Director - Donya Feuer
Run Time - 96 minutes
Language - English and Swedish w/ English subtitles
Format - DVD, color
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Cultural Studies, Dance, Performance


Institutional DVD Price: $195


The Dancer follows the young and gifted Katja Björner through years of intensive training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School as she develops into an international ballet star. Filmed with an eye toward conveying the physical aspects of dancing — the pain, sweat, and tears, as well as the exquisite beauty — The Dancer captures the fierce determination and struggle that goes into the desire to dance at the highest level.


"Anyone interested in ballet will want to see The Dancer." - Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times


"Feuer brilliantly crystallizes the sacrifices that dancers make - she reinvents the way we view dance."
- Dance and The Arts Magazine