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Director - Peter Friedman
Run Time - 130 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1997
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Aging, Medicine, Science


Institutional DVD Price: $295




Winner of 10 international awards, Death by Design is a guided tour into the invisible world of cells, told through a collage of metaphors and interviews with cellular biologists. State-of-the-art microcinematography is playfully intercut with parallel images from life at the human scale: a hundred lighted violins, imploding skyscrapers, Busby Berkeley musicals, Harold Lloyd antics and more.


Using the same imaginative interplay of classic films, animation and research, The Life and Times of Life and Times tells the complex story of how we age and also shows how scientists hope to alter the genes that determine how long we live.

Bonus: Includes the short film The Life and Times of Life and Times by Jean-Francois Brunet



"Imaginative, deft and delightful! Belongs to that category of films that can alter the way viewers look at the world around them." - Variety


"Sounds and images of rigourous beauty, captivating interviews, audacious and masterful editing. . .
A superb film!
" - Le Monde (France)