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The Future of Work and Death

Director - Sean Blacknell, Wayne Walsh
Run Time - 89 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD / Digital streaming
Year - 2016
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Aging, Cultural Studies, Economics, Media Studies, New Releases, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Technology

Institutional DVD Price: $295

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In this provocative documentary, worldwide experts in the fields of futurology, anthropology, neuroscience and philosophy consider the impact of technological advances on the two certainties of human life: work and death.

Charting human developments from early man, past the Industrial Revolution, to the digital age and beyond, The Future of Work and Death looks at the astonishing exponential rate at which mankind creates technologies to ease the process of living. As we embark on the next phase of our 'advancement,' with automation and artificial intelligence driving the transformation from man to machine, the film gives a shockingly realistic look into the future of human life.

Featuring a host of knowledgeable but endearingly eccentric experts including author Will Self, futurist Gray Scott, transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, and neuroscientist Rudolph Tanzi, The Future of Work and Death is profoundly insightful, often surprising, and always engaging.

"Thought-provoking...thrilling...massively engaging! The film does an incredible job of lobbing a grenade in front of the audience and not being afraid to leave some of the mess... It is essential viewing." -UK Film Review

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom." - Isaac Asimov