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Director- Dani Levy
Run Time - 91 minutes
Language - German w/English subtitles
Format - DVD
Year - 2006
Genre - Foreign Comedy

Educational Interestt- Cinema Studies, Jewish Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195





First-class pool shark and all-around hustler Jaeckie Zucker is up to his ears in debt, again. He faces jail, divorce and general ruin. When word comes that his mother has died, leaving an inheritance, it's a stroke of luck. But according to his mother's will, before he can cash in Zucker must first reconcile with his long-estranged, Orthodox brother Samuel, who is arriving the next day, family in tow, expecting to sit shiva for seven days. Can Zucker, who has forsaken his religion, and his non-Jewish wife pass as observant? And can he sneak away to compete in a high-stakes pool tournament?


From the Producers of Run Lola Run and Good Bye Lenin.


WINNER- Six 'German Oscars' Including Best Picture & Best Actor
WINNER- Ernst Lubitsch Award for Best Comedy


"Peppered with wacky spunk and delicate panache! A breath of fresh air from a country ripe with intensity."
- Boston Herald

Jewish comedy, in Levy’s version, is now part of the human comedy… Watching the antic inventions of GO FOR ZUCKER, I was moved by the thought that Jews have achieved a kind of Germanness again, and even more moved by the thought that Germans have achieved a kind of Jewishness again.” - The New Yorker