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Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Director - Harry Moses
Run Time - 53 minutes
Language - English
Format - Digital
Year - 2018
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- African American Studies, American Studies, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Law & Legal Studies, New Releases, Political Science

Institutional DVD Price: $195

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Guilty Until Proven Guilty explores Louisiana's criminal justice system through the story of Tim Conerly, a young African-American man who was arrested in the wake of an armed robbery in New Orleans and waited 28 months for a trial for a crime he says he did not commit. After more than two years in the Orleans Parish Jail, Conerly must choose between accepting a plea bargain of seven years or risking a sentence of 49 1/2 to 198 years if he is convicted at trial. It's a choice that no human being should have to make...and one that someone with more resources could almost certainly avoid having to make.

"A moving, powerful film that pays close attention to a part of America that society has chosen to neglect." - USHER

"The oppression doled out to those in the hands of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court comes in many forms, and 'Guilty Until Proven Guilty' covers many of them. Mandatory minimums, multiple billings, and a non-unanimous jury law dating back to the 19th century elucidate the draconian nature of everyday proceedings. With appalling regularity, innocent people spend years - sometimes the remainder of their lives - behind bars for crimes they didn't commit. There's an abundance of evidence to demonstrate that the system is severely broken. Harry Moses, an award-winning documentarian, set out to tell a part of this story and craft a candid look at the failings of the New Orleans criminal justice system." - ANDRU OKUM, ANTIGRAVITY

DOC LA 2018

DOC LA 2018

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