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Live Nude Girls Unite!

Director - Julia Query & Vicky Funari
Run Time - 70 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2000
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Human Trafficking, Labor Studies, Performance, Sex and Sexuality, Women’s Studies

Institutional DVD Price: $195

Julia Query, activist, comedian, lesbian and stripper at a club called the Lusty Lady, put in long hours on stage and in the peep booth along with fellow exotic dancers Decadence, Lolita, and Octopussy. But when faced with no sick leave, unfair demotions, safety and privacy concerns, and racial discrimination, Query and her co-workers decide to organize and unionize the exotic dancers of the Lusty Lady.

"Comical, political, enlightening and entertaining all at the same time." - Esquire Magazine

"Wickedly funny, subversive, provocative!" - Village Voice

"A naughty Norma Rae!" - Entertainment Weekly