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Director - Michel Negroponte
Run Time - 88 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2005
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Medicine


Institutional DVD Price: $195




There's one cure for heroin addiction. But is it a cure?


Methadonia is the borderland between high and straight, where recovering heroin addicts on methadone "maintenance" exist. Passing the time on benzos and other prescription drugs that enhance the methadone, addicts find themselves in Methadonia for years, or decades.


Selected for the prestigious New York Film Festival and featured on HBO, this unflinching, intimate film reveals the culture of addiction through the eyes and lives of men and women stuck in Methadonia, holding on to the hope they will wake up one morning and not think about getting high.



"Intimate. Alive with moving metaphors about life under addiction." - Village Voice


"Broaches subjects rarely addressed in the mainstream." - Bright Lights Film Journal