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Next Year Jerusalem

Director - David Gaynes
Run Time - 72 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2014
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Aging, Jewish Studies, Middle East, Psychology, Religion

Institutional DVD Price: $295

Choosing life in life's final chapter is the poignant subtext of this new powerful documentarya lyrical portrait of eight nursing home residents who make a pilgrimage to Israel.

Offered a seat on the bus for a 10-day tour, the viewer accompanies individuals with various personal theologies in and out of museums, crossing Israeli landscapes from mountains to desert.  But Next Year Jerusalem is less a story about tourists in a foreign land than it is a meditation on the sanctity of human experience and a tribute to the wisdom acquired in the course of a lifetime. Earnest and nuanced, it is a true exploration of living and dying, hope and fear, travel and memory.  A celebration of and a reverent tribute to life's eldest travelers.

"Laced with unspoken insights." - The New York Times

"A charming and delightful celebration of life at the end of life." - This Week in New York

"Life can begin at 90 - something that this warm and winning documentary demonstrates with admirable humanity." - Film Journal