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Director- Sam Hoffman
Run Time - 44 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD, color
Year - 2009
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Aging, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Jewish Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $95


Just what it’s called: old jews telling jokes. The 18 joke tellers featured aren’t professionals; rather they’re doctors, lawyers, a garment worker, a wine salesman – just like your favorite Jewish uncle or grandparent. With wonderful timing and mannerisms, and bouncy klezmer music backing them up, these funny old alter kockers deliver, with great delight, the off-color and risqué jokes from a bygone era.


"A little bit Woody Allen, a little bit Catskills, and a little bit Rob Reiner’s mother in the When Harry Met Sally deli scene. And it’s pretty much guaranteed to make you happy!" - Elizabeth Bougerol, NBC New York


"As simple as it is brilliant!" - Jay Firestone, Jewish Journal