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Director - Mary Jane Doherty
Run Time - 96 minutes
Languages - Spanish w/ English subtitles
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2014
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Adolescence, Biographies/Profiles, Dance, Family Relations, Performance

Institutional DVD Price: $295

Secundaria quietly follows one high school class on its journey through Cuba's world-famous National Ballet School. The teens love to dance, but for many of them, dance is also their sole escape from a life of poverty. The documentary begins as an observational portrait, but in their third year of school the main character, Mayara, takes charge of her destiny in an astonishing way. Suddenly this simple portrait takes a dramatic turn as Mayara's action surprises everyone: teachers, friends, family and, ultimately, the filmmaker herself.

"Don’t miss Secundaria... [An] illuminating journey into Cuba’s National Ballet School." - The New York Times

"What struck me... aside from how terrific the shooting was throughout, was the immense sympathy.. Clear-eyed...Stunning!" - Ross McElwee, Filmmaker Sherman’s March, Photographic Memory

"It’s very beautiful - being immersed in that building, the dancing, the young people, everything. The dance becomes film in what seems like a very natural way, and there’s a transcendence about it. The social realities, these kids’ backgrounds, the peculiarities of Cuba, all are made quite plain in the film." - Charles Warren, Professor of Film History and Theory, Harvard College and Boston University