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Critics' Pick! "Excellent. Hader's is one of the great performances of recent years."- Ali Arikan,  The Village Voice

"Handsome…thoughtful. Zweig is played beautifully by Josef Hader; Barbara Sukowa is unsurprisingly great." - Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

"A Masterpiece." - Nina Rothe, The Huffington Post

"Extraordinary. Psychologically insightful." - Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

"Maria Schrader’s boldly understated look at a great, forgotten 20th-century writer is one impressive achievement, all the more admirable for its understated subtlety." - David Noh, Film Journal International

"Writer, actor, and former cabaret star Josef Hader gives a deeply intelligent, intensely gentle and thoughtful performance as Austrian writer Stefan Zweig in Maria Schrader’s moving biopic." - This Week in New York

"Melancholy, gorgeous." - Thelma Adams, Observer

"A thoughtful and dramatically compelling film." - Louis Proyect, Counterpunch

"Alluring as it is enlightening." - Amy Wolfe, Willamette Week

"This innovative historical feature film takes on new meaning for audiences watching through lens of contemporary political events. Beautifully shot." - Renee Ghert-Zand, Times of Israel

"A masterful and very beautiful piece of work."- James van Maanen, TrustMovies

"Articulate...a formally immaculate portrait." - Variety