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Director - Cynthia Scott
Run Time - 105 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1990
Genre - Foreign Drama

Educational Interest - Aging, Cinema Studies, Women's Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195




In this film by Academy Award winner Cynthia Scott, seven old women become stranded at a deserted farmhouse, miles from civilization. They don't have much food, or a decent place to sleep. Or much in common. But these surprising, remarkable women turn a crisis into a magical time of humor and spirit.



"One of the most exhilarating movies ever made about people who've grown old but remain ageless inside."
- New York Newsday


"Both witty and wise-an epiphany for the price of a movie ticket!" - Philadelphia Inquirer


"An enchanting reverie...and unlikely treasure!" - Washington Post


"Eloquently witty and touching! There may be bigger, costlier, weightier films around; there are none lovelier!" - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone