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Director - Elise Swerhone
Run Time - 83 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2012
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Adolescence, Dance, Performance

Institutional DVD Price: $195


TuTu MUCH follows nine young ballet dancers as they plié, pirouette and compete for highly-coveted spots in an intensive four-week professional ballet summer program at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. Leaving behind their families and friends, often for the first time, each girl confronts the painstaking and sometimes rewarding realities of pursuing her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.


The daily classes are grueling tests of their physical stamina and emotional grit. "You've even got to love the pain," says twelve-year-old Sidnie, one of the prospective ballerinas. As the girls learn during the course of the auditions, talent and passion alone do not guarantee success: the success of a dancer often comes down to the shape of a foot or the length of the neck. In the last few days of the program the girls find out which of them will take the next step toward the dream of becoming a professional ballerina, and which ones won't.



"A real and often shocking look into the life of young dancers trying to make it into the professional world of classical dance. It's full of excitement and disappointment, tears and laughter and hard decisions regarding years of sacrifice and pain and the limitations of one's anatomy. And it's all from the mouths of children."
- See Magazine