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Director- Dalia Karpel
Run Time - 60 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2006
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Biographies/Profiles, History (World), Jewish Studies, Middle East


Institutional DVD Price: $295


A look into the complex and contradictory personality of Yossef Nachmani, the man largely responsible for the first Zionist settlements in the Galilee. As director of the Jewish National Fund office in the Galilee, Nachmani acquired as much land from Arabs as possible to establish Jewish settlements upon it. The film focuses on events in Tiberius, Nachmani's hometown, a mixed community where Arabs and Jews coexisted harmoniously.


Nachmani left behind a fascinating series of diaries that shed new light upon events in the Galilee during those years. Through these diaries, the film examines the critical early years of Zionism and the beginning of the Jewish-Arab conflict from his unique perspective. This provocative historical documentary is sure to become a significant document in the ongoing debate about the basic foundation myth of Israel.


"An impressive visual and historical document. This powerful compilation film... tries to restore this historical account to all of those who would wish to forget it. Using old and nearly lost film footage, and with the help of aging witnesses from both sides of the barricades...and with the incorporation of assessments of the best researchers in the field, Karpel has constructed a flowing film with wise and rich text."
- Shlomo Sand, Professor of History at Tel Aviv University, and author of Film as History: Imagining and Screening the Twentieth Century

"The sheer historical weight of the material presented raises fascinating questions." - Lisa Nesselson, Variety