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A film by Neil Hunter & Tom Hunsinger

84 minutes, fiction, color, English, 1996

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In this witty exploration of gay relationships, thirtysomething friends Paul, Matt and Will converge at the seaside for a relaxing holiday weekend, each with a boyfriend in tow. Paul (James Dreyfus) brings his lover Ben (Mark Sands), but their five-year relationship is on the rocks due to Paul's continued moodiness over the death of his brother Mark. Matt (Michael Urwin) brings Owen (Andrew Ableson), with whom he wants a lifelong relationship but whose boisterous personality doesn't suit him. Meanwhile, Will (David Coffey) and the much younger Adam (Darren Petrucci) recently shared a one-night stand, and Will is hoping it will grow into something deeper, though Adam knows better.


"Titillating and very funny!" - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"A biting, shrewd and scathingly funny dissection of gay relationships." - San Francisco Chronicle

"A queer 'Big Chill!'" - Miami New Times

"Sweet [and] disarming. This well-acted film generously makes room for the complex traits of its couples-in-distress, incorporating sarcasm, sensuality, and psychodrama with equal skill." - Bright Lights Film Journal

"A fabulous date movie! How refreshing to see a film about a group of gay men who are not coping with anything except one another." - Stonewall Journal

Disc Features

●  Bonus Short Film Achilles: From Academy Award-nominated animator Barry Purves comes this bold tale of the erotic relationship between the great warrior Achilles and his young soldier lover, Patroclus. Narrated by Derek Jacobi and featuring Purves' strikingly beautiful animation.

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