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Top Fifteen Documentaries
1. Dateline-Saigon
The story of five young journalists whose courageous reporting from Vietnam faced fierce opposition.
2. The Corporate Coup d'État
A devastating look at how corporations and billionaires have taken control of the political process.
3. The Professor
This documentary explores Tai Chi as both a martial art and spiritual practice and tells the story of one of its greatest masters, Cheng Man-Ching.
4. For the Bible Tells Me So
This provocative Sundance doc brilliantly explores and reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture.
5. Welcome to Leith
Welcome to Leith chronicles the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb.
6. Before Stonewall
The newly restored classic tells the dramatic story of LGBTQ Americans since the early 1900's.
7. Quest
Epic in scope yet filmed with vérité intimacy for nearly a decade, this acclaimed doc is a vivid illumination of race and class in America.
8. Montessori: Let the Child be the Guild
The filmmaker spends an entire school year at the oldest Montessori school in France.
9. City Dreamers
With stunning cinematography, Joseph Hillel uncovers four trailblazing female architects.
10. 56 UP
In 1964 a group of seven year-olds were interviewed for Seven Up. Michael Apted has been back to film them every seven years since. Now they are 56.
11. Albert Einstein: Still a Revolutionary
The most famous scientist of all time was also an outspoken social and political activist.
12. The Future of Work and Death
Worldwide experts in futurology, neuro-science, anthropology and philosophy consider the impact of technological advances on our work...and our death.
13. Strangers on the Earth
Join Dane Johansen as he walks the Camino de Santiago, cello on his back, performing music for his fellow pilgrims at churches along the way.
14. Cuban Food Stories
Filmmaker Asori Soto returns to Cuba to search for the flavors of his childhood, visiting cities and remote regions to rediscover the culinary roots of Cuba.
15. Through a Lens Darkly
Explores the role of photography in shaping the identity, aspirations and social emergence of African Americans from slavery to the present.

New and Notable

A Chef's Voyage
Follow celebrated American Chef David Kinch and his team from their 3 Star Michelin restaurant in California for a unique collaboration with three legendary French chefs in Paris and Provence.

Music Got Me Here
A snowboard accident leaves 18 year-old Forrest Allen unable to speak or walk. Tom Sweitzer, an eccentric music therapist, is determined to help Forrest by using the power of music.

Wine Crush (Vas-y Coupe!)
In this beautifully observed portrait of a family-owned vineyard in France, a motley team of laborers harvest grapes at a small vineyard run by an eccentric winemaker with a cult following.

Seat 20D
A moving and powerful look at how one woman, whose son was killed on Pan Am Flight 103, created an astonishing work of art, providing solace, peace and context to her grieving.

In The News

Go inside the world of the citizen investigative journalism collective known as Bellingcat as they search for truth in our era of fake news and alternative facts.

For They Know Not What They Do
From the director of the landmark documentary For the Bible Tells Me So comes this urgent and powerful follow-up.

Film Activism

Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly
Human rights become personal when Ai Weiwei, China's most famous artist, transforms Alcatraz Island prison into an astonishing expression of socially-engaged art.

Invisible Hands
A searing exposé of how the world's largest companies use child labor within their supply chains, with children as young as 6 years-old making the products we use every day.

History Lessons

The First Angry Man
Ever wonder how the ambitions of postwar America collapsed into a permanent tax revolt and the election of Trump? Look no further than Howard Jarvis, who sold Californians on Proposition 13.

Tattoo Uprising
From antiquity to the present, Tattoo Uprising reveals the artistic and historical roots of today's tattoo explosion, exploring Biblical references, early Christian practices and the voyages of Captain James Cook.

Short Films

True New York
In a city with 8 million people, there's bound to be a few good stories. True New York is a feature-length compilation anthology film featuring five award-winning short documentaries.

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When a man returns to his childhood villa following decades of absence, a little girl takes him on a wondrous journey back to the innocence of his early years in pre-war Romania.