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Wine Crush (Vas-y Coupe!)

On VOD October 8 A motley team of laborers travels from the North of France to harvest grapes at a small Champagne vineyard run by an eccentric winemaker with a cult following.

The Cost of Living

On VOD October 13 From the filmmakers of The Future of Work and Death comes an incisive look at the issue confronted during the Democratic primaries: should we as a society provide a 'basic income' to all citizens?


On DVD October 13 Bellingcat takes viewers inside the exclusive world of the “citizen investigative journalist” collective known as Bellingcat as they search for truth in our era of fake news and alternative facts.


On VOD October 20 Dedalus is a fiction triptych portraying community, love, and loss. Jonah Greenstein's gorgeously shot feature debut laces loneliness with beauty to create a film of startling cinematic intimacy.

Seat 20D

On VOD October 20 Seat 20D explores the many shapes grieving can take. After Pan Am 103 was brought down in Lockerbie, a mother whose son was on the flight spends 15 years creating an astonishing work of art.

Koshien: Japan's Field of Dreams

On VOD Early 2021 Baseball is everything for those in the Koshien, Japan's wildly popular national high school championship. But for Coach Mizutani and his players, cleaning the grounds and greeting their guests are just as important as honing their baseball skills.