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Brownian Movement
A film by Nanouk Leopold

97 minutes, fiction, color, 2011
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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Charlotte is a young doctor living in Brussels with her husband, Max, and their son. She leads a normal, harmonious life - except for the fact that she secretly maintains an apartment where she has sex with her patients, selecting them as if setting up a scientific experiment. When Max finds out about this unusual situation, their relationship is put to the test.

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"A daring exploration of marriage that, like its bold female protagonist, challenges conventional thinking around sex and relationships. Provocative adult drama...its quiet power resonates long after the end credits roll. Beneath its glacial surface, 'Brownian Movement' courses with powerful emotions colliding like in the theory after which the film is named." - Screen Daily

"Composed of ethereal, exquisitely lit widescreen tableaux...the actors are luminous."
- Variety

"With its unflinching examination of an intelligent woman's sexual life, this is material with strong potential and, courtesy of luminous cinematography (which makes Sandra Huller strikingly resemble Cate Blanchett at certain junctures), 'Brownian Movement' is always very easy on the eye." - The Hollywood Reporter

"A mysterious, atmospheric, and ultimately enigmatic character study with a strong central performance by Huller, this is recommended for more adventurous collections."
- Video Librarian

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