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A film by Alejandro Landes

94 minutes, color, 2006
In Spanish & Quechua w/English subtitles

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Born out of the U.S. war on drugs, an Aymara Indian named Evo Morales – backed by a troop of coca leaf farmers – travels through the Andes and Amazon in jeans and sneakers, leading a historic bid to become Bolivia’s first Indigenous president.

The filmmakers, granted astonishing up close and personal access to Evo, capture the intimate moments of this controversial figure and his triumphant rise to power. A story of geopolitics, people’s movements, Indigenous culture, and one man’s impressive determination, Cocalero is “a luminous portrait of working people in rare triumph against U.S. imperialism” (Prairie Miller, WBAI Radio).


"Outstanding!"- The New York Times

"Essential! ...a fine debut!" - Variety

"Vivid and fluently shot. Top quality visuals convey the movement's energy and optimism, right up to a crossroads moment as Evo locks arms with Fidel and an especially exuberant Hugo Chávez." - Slant Magazine

"Both refreshing and just plain fun. Landes has a way of honing in on the most piercing and hilarious moments on the trail." - Village Voice

"Cocalero surprises with its liveliness, its degree of intimacy, its casualness, even its sense of humour...but also for its lack of political prejudice." - Pagina 12 (Argentina)

"Captures the intimacy of Evo Morales and achieves a direct and concise film in the best cinema verite style." - El Clarin (Argentina)

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