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Electric Shadows


Director - Xiao Jiang
Run Time - 99 minutes
Language - Mandarin w/English Subtitles
Format - 35mm
Year - 2004
Genre - Foreign


"Enthralling!" –The New York Times


* Selected as one of Time Magazine's (Europe edition) Best Films of the Year! *


“Looks back at chaotic childhood with grace, acuity and a born artist’s confidence. Movie love was never so engulfing, and rarely so sweet, as in this petite, elevating heartwarmer.” –Time Magazine


From one of China's newest cinematic voices comes a charming tale set into motion by a disastrous encounter between delivery boy Dabing and the estranged Ling Ling. Dabing ends up with a bump on his head, but Ling Ling's the one who winds up in the hospital, receiving overdue treatment for a life that has left her beyond confused. At her request, Dabing visits her home to keep her fish, but instead takes refuge in her diary where stories of a little girl’s passion for the movies reignites his own longing for the days when the cinema was the only real mass medium and when audiences breathed and dreamed as one.

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