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Electric Shadows


Praise for Xiao Jiang’s ELECTRIC SHADOWS

Selected as one Time Magazine’s (Europe edition) Best Films of the Year!
“Looks back at chaotic childhood with grace, acuity and a born artist’s confidence.
Movie love was never so engulfing, and rarely so sweet, as in this petite, elevating heart-
warmer." -Richard Corliss, Time Magazine

(A) bittersweet tale of growing up in China during the 1970s." -TV Guide

“A lovely, elegant paean to the joy and liberty that films offer... ELECTRIC SHADOWS is
sweet and accomplished and Xiao Jiang is a terrific new find." -The Hollywood Reporter

“(A) Pleasantly offbeat and generous coming-of-age tale." -New York Magazine

“Enthralling ... evoke(s) the world experienced by two children who are so close they are able to
share the same enchanted fantasy." -New York Times

“Sweet...dreamy lighting, soft colors and lilting music mix with an agreeable cast, especially
Jiang Yihong (who reminded me of Gong Li) as the girl's beautiful mother, and Guan Xiaotong
and Wang Zhengjia as the kids." -New York Post

“Accessible mainland cinema....real charm that avoids sentimentality." -Variety

“A memorable story that crosses time, characters and social status, all to the tune of the love of
cinema. ... This is a beautifully made film; with solid performances ...
a definite gift to the love of films."

“A beautiful film...simply stunning... Jiang Xiao has made a stunning first film and she is
definitely a filmmaker to watch." -New York Cool

A heartbreaking, joyous, unforgettable look at childhood dreams ... an accomplished,
poignant, memorable work ... a welcome gift to movie lovers everywhere."
-This Week in New York

“A love poem to Chinese impressive debut...ELECTRIC SHADOWS is an
entertaining film, an unbiased history lesson absent of stereotypes, a postcard and a lyric love
poem all in one...a great movie about the love of cinema."