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Fish Out of Water
A film by Ky Dickens

86 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2009

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What does the Bible really say about being gay?

Inspired by the experience of coming out as a lesbian to her sorority sisters during her senior year at Vanderbilt, filmmaker Ky Dickens explores the Biblical passages used to condemn homosexuality in this informative yet entertaining documentary.

Interweaving whimsical animation with enlightening interviews from both within the lesbian and gay community and as well with theologians from across the country, Fish Out of Water breaks down seven key passages from the Old and New Testaments – from Adam and Eve to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Purity Codes – while confronting the debate over translation and historical context that affect today’s interpretations of the Bible.

Fish Out of Water is essential viewing for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this contentious issue, or who is engaged in our national dialogue about faith, homosexuality and same-sex marriage.


"I loved this film! It's a must-see for everyone." - Dan Karslake, Director of For the Bible Tells Me So

"A deep look at how certain messages get pumped through the pulpit." - Chicago Sun Times

"Director Ky Dickens tackles both sides of this debate with an arsenal of honesty and passion." - The Windy City Times

"We, the church and its leaders at all levels, need this film."
- Rev. John Dorhauer, United Church of Christ

Recommended Reading

Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church by Jack Rogers

What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality by Daniel Helminiak

Those 7 References: A Study of 7 References to Homosexuality in the Bible by John F. Dwyer

Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America by Mel White

Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians by Candace Chellew-Hodge


Visit the official site at www.fishoutofwaterfilm.com.

Disc Features

●  Bonus Interviews
●  Info Sheet
●  Director's Comments
●  Resource Guide

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