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He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not
A film by Laetitia Colombani

96 minutes, fiction, color, French w/ English subtitles, 2003

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Talented art student Angelique is madly in love with Loic, a married cardiologist whose wife is expecting their first child. Things take a dangerous turn as Angelique grows less discreet in her affections and her attempts to separate the couple fail. Halfway through, this black comedy takes a dramatic turn and the film reverses perspective, showing the preceding events from Loic's (wildly different) point-of-view.

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"Wickedly clever!" - Washington Post

"Deft and delicious! A very different romantic fantasy." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Delightfully deranged!" - Austin Chronicle

"A devious romantic thriller." - The New York Times

"Darkly witty, with a twist ending that is both utterly surprising and utterly right."
- TIME Magazine

"Smart and intriguing! It twists perceptions and upsets expectations." - Chicago Tribune

"Audrey Tautou gives new meaning to the phrase 'madly in love.'" - Elle.com

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