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Hot to Trot
A documentary by Gail Freedman

88 minutes, color, 2018

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Mad Hot Ballroom meets Paris is Burning...or is it RuPaul's Drag Race meets Dancing with the Stars? Whatever your reference, the award-winning and crowd-pleasing documentary Hot to Trot offers a deep-dive look inside the fascinating but little-known world of same-sex competitive ballroom dance.

This lively, poignant film follows an international cast of four magnetic men and women over several years, on and off the dance floor, as they journey to the quadrennial Gay Games. Along the way, dancing is revealed to be both a means of overcoming personal hardships - from drug addiction to familial rifts - and a joyous opportunity to merge passionate artistic expression with proud sexual identity.

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{ Winner - Audience Award for Best Documentary - NewFest }

"Sizzles with artistic and political passions... a lovely, graceful documentary." - SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES

"Upbeat, gripping, memorable! A glimpse into a little-known world of candor, fiery love & activism. A spirited & heartening journey!" - GAY ESSENTIAL

"Tremendously entertaining!" - OUT MAGAZINE

"A beautiful portrait of the same-sex dance scene." - DANCING TIMES MAGAZINE

"Totally enchanting...electrifying and breathtakingly stunning." - QUEERGURU

"The dancing is beautiful, but the real focus is the struggles and triumphs experienced by the LGBTQ community." - VICE

"Just as much about life and gender politics as it is about dance. These dancers show how competitive ballroom dance is enhanced, not diminished, by same-sex partnering." - NEW YORK TIMES

"A warm and involving documentary...stirring and impressive... unique heft and vitality." - LOS ANGELES TIMES


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