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A film by Beeban Kidron

89 minutes, color, English, 2013

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InRealLife takes us on a journey from the world of Silicon Valley to the bedrooms of British teenagers in order to ask an important question: What exactly is the internet doing to our children? This revealing documentary examines how children are adapting to the technological world we live in, and how free and open connectivity can have alienating and addictive side-effects, especially on the youngest minds using it.

This eye-opening and sometimes shocking documentary delves into the constantly developing relationship between technology and psychology.

Featuring a wide range of luminaries from the technosphere including Julian Assange, Nicolas Negroponte, Jimmy Wales, Luis Von Ahn, Sherry Turkle, Nicholas Carr, Maggie Jackson and others.

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"Provocative, mildly terrifying and essential." - The Metro

"Smart and serious…Offers a survey of the virtual world's creeping infiltration into our lives." - The Independent

"This is not just a well-made film, it is the starting point of a vital discussion."
- The Camden New Review

"A riveting case for the prosecution of the web as a creature that bares careful watching." - The Herald

"As interviewer, storywriter, and director, [Beeban] crafts a riveting thesis: reliance on new technologies and social media is driving us away from physical intimacy, and towards shaming, bullying, misogyny, and in a peculiar sequence, global warming. From one talking head to another – including such notables as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, and Wikipedia honcho Jimmy Wales – the facts seem to point towards the obliteration of private lives in favor of the algorithmically-determined “real life” shown on our Facebook profiles." - CM Film Commentary


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