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James Thurber: The Life and Hard Times
A film by Adam Van Doren

57 minutes, documentary, color, 2000
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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James Thurber: The Life and Hard Times is the first major documentary on the life and work of one of America's greatest humorists. Known for his classic short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Thurber was a legendary contributor of prose and cartoons to The New Yorker magazine where he worked for many years. Narrated by George Plimpton, this documentary includes interviews with Edward Albee, John Updike, Alistair Cooke, Roy Blount Jr., Fran Lebowitz and others.

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"Insightful...illuminates the artist's career with well-chosen selections from the work itself. Bolstered by insightful comments from, among others, John Updike and Fran Lebowitz, the film provides a strong rebuttal to Thurber's own mocking self-assessment that he was 'nothing but a God-damned humorist." - The New Yorker

"A labor of love by Adam Van Doren...the first major biographical film about the wit that many consider second only to Mark Twain as an American humorist." - The Boston Globe

"An enthusiastic cadre of fans contribute fond reflections of Thurber, whose short stories and cartoons helped give The New Yorker its reputation for sophisticated humor and classy writing over the 30 years of their connection." - The New York Times

"Van Doren gives viewers just enough of Thurberís writings and cartoons to whet the appetite and leave them wanting more." - Library Journal

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