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Lenny Bruce Without Tears
A film by Fred Baker

70 minutes, documentary, b/w, English, 1972

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"There are no dirty words, only dirty minds." - Lenny Bruce

The outrageous, groundbreaking comic whose iconoclastic material in a conservative era got him into tragic trouble is here profiled by a close friend who prefers to remember the laughs Lenny Bruce's memory evokes instead of the tears.

With Lenny Bruce, Steve Allen, Paul Krassner, Mort Sahl, Kenneth Tynan, Nat Hentoff & Malcom Muggeridge.


"A skillfully researched documentary about the late pop hero." - Los Angeles Times

"Fred Baker's film is honest enough to include Lenny at his most offbeat."
- Richard Corliss, Village Voice

"Evidence of what made Bruce such a singular phenomena on stage and what turned him into a counterculture hero." - TV Guide Online

Disc Features

●  Short film: "Finding Fred Baker"
●  Lenny Bruce photo gallery

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