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Life on the Line
Narrated by Lisa Ling

134 minutes, color, 2016

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The desire to overcome is at the core of everyone. Especially those fighting disease, facing a natural disaster or coping with a disability. The Emmy Award-winning Life on the Line is a compelling series that follows the medical journey of individuals fighting for their life.

At hospitals around the nation, people face life and death situations every day. Life on the Line zeroes in on one renowned academic hospital in Southern California. Loma Linda University Health serves one quarter of California, and equips medical teams to travel around the world. From surviving Ebola in Western Africa to healing after one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on US soil, Life on the Line is an inspiring look into the resilience of humankind.

1. San Bernardino Strong
2. Ebola Warriors
3. Itís About the Journey
4. The Lasting Impact
5. Against All Odds

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"What a remarkably sensitive, hope and love-filled message." - Pat Morris, Former Mayor of San Bernardino

"I honestly cannot recall seeing a show as personal and intimate on the healing process for both the individual and community." - Jeff Parness Founder, New York Says Thank You Foundation


Trailers for all five episodes


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