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A Matter of Time
A film by Casey Cohen

85 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2016

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Acclaimed musician Kathryn Calder is touring the world with one of Canada's biggest indie rock bands, The New Pornographers, when she receives devastating news: her mother, Lynn, has ALS, and a short time left to live. Kathryn learns that ALS is a progressive, paralyzing disease, with no treatment or cure...a terminal illness requiring full-time care.

Kathryn returns to her childhood home, committed to being her mom's primary caregiver through the final months of her life. Lynn and Kathryn's bond goes beyond mother and daughter - they share a love of music. Lynn, a former piano teacher, has always dreamed of seeing her daughter in the spotlight, singing her own songs. Inspired to make something beautiful amidst the grief and trauma of painful goodbye, Kathryn transforms the living room of their house into a studio. With her mother in bed just down the hall and her condition worsening every day, Kathryn will fill the house with music and record her first solo album - a parting gift for her biggest fan.

A Matter of Time is a heart-breaking yet hopeful documentary that examines the power of love and music, and the inspiration, salvation, and possibility that occurs when these two forces intersect at the most challenging moment in one's life.

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"The great triumph of the beautifully shot film is that, by the end, it's turned something awful into something life-affirmingly positive, with the singer handling everything thrown at her with grace, resolve, and courage." - The Georgia Straight

"A Matter of Time' is part concert film, part family portrait, and part call to action. It launches us in the world of Canadian indie rock, with the New Pornographers serving as an intersection point for bands that have helped define the country's music industry for the last decade. We're treated to amazing concert footage and original performances of Calder's new songs. But it's also a deeply intimate, human story... It's a privilege to witness such a powerful journey." - The Tyee




Disc Features

● Kathryn Calder: Live at the Alix Goolden Hall
●Immaculate Machine Rehearsal
●Kathryn Calder: Live at the Royal BC Museum
● Kathrynís ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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