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Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary
A film by Stephen Vittoria

120 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2012

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Before he was convicted of murdering a policeman in 1981 and sentenced to die, Mumia Abu-Jamal was a gifted journalist and brilliant writer. Now after more than 30 years in prison, Mumia is not only still alive but continuing to report, provoke and inspire.

Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary is an inspiring portrait of a man whom many consider America's most famous political prisoner - a man whose existence tests our beliefs about freedom of expression. Through prison interviews, archival footage, and dramatic readings, and aided by a potent chorus of voices including Cornel West, Alice Walker, Angela Davis and others, this riveting film explores Mumia's life before, during and after Death Row - revealing, in the words of Angela Davis, "the most eloquent and most powerful opponent of the death penalty in the world...the 21st Century Frederick Douglass."

Featuring the song "Society" sung by Eddie Vedder.

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"This passionate documentary traces the path of a brilliant journalist whose message cannot be silenced." -Variety

"A powerful indictment of the hypocrisy inherent in the American dream. A must-see for any and all who are concerned with upholding the constitutional rights of all Americans."
-The Huffington Post

"Fascinating and persuasive. Vittoria creates a context that suggests how easily innocents could be railroaded. The result is not unlike Oliver Stone's rewrite of U.S. history."
-Seattle Times

"Uncompromising." -The Boston Globe

"A bracing change from the usual back-and-forth of the evening news." -The New York Times

"A firebrand intellectual, a political prisoner, a man of eloquence and insight... Vittoria offers lots of context about the Black Panthers, MOVE, George Wallace, and Frank Rizzo." -The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Stephen Vittoria's impassioned feature Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary goes past the headlines... This is truly an eye-opening experience."- Leonard Maltin, Indiewire

"Prison and government officials are trying to censor and silence Mumia Abu-Jamal. I stand as one of many Americans who believe that there is tremendous value in his voice being heard."- Susan Sarandon

Recommended Reading

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Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the USA by Mumia Abu-Jamal

We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Death Blossoms: Reflections from a Prisoner of Conscience by Mumia Abu-Jamal

All Things Censored by Mumia Abu-Jamal


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Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker talks about the film

Mumia Abu-Jamal & director Stephen Vittoria on The Smiley & West Show

Mumia Abu-Jamal on Democracy Now!

Disc Features

●  Bonus Short Film: Manufacturing Guilt, the short film from Stephen Vittoria, producer and director of MUMIA: Long Distance Revolutionary, takes on the colossus of Abu-Jamal's contentious case, distilling a mountain of evidence and years of oft-repeated falsehoods to the most fundamental elements of police and prosecutorial misconduct that show a clear and conscious effort to frame Mumia Abu-Jamal for the murder of Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. This powerful 25 minute film clearly explains Abu-Jamal's account of the night, his clear and long-standing proclamations of innocence, and the absurdity and patent falsehoods that comprised the Philadelphia police and prosecution's original case. Thirty years of history and politics have tangled our understanding of this case nearly beyond comprehension. But Manufacturing Guilt cuts through the confusion to produce a clear picture of how Abu-Jamal's guilt was manufactured and his innocence suppressed beginning only moments after he and Faulkner were found shot in the early morning hours of December 9th, 1981. (Running Time - 25 minutes) C. Street Legal Cinema

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