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Passionate Gay Classics
Three films on three discs in a packaged box set

282 minutes total, fiction, color, English, 1986-1999

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The Passionate Gay Classics DVD box set features three of our most popular gay films:

Bedrooms & Hallways
Director Rose Troche's (The L Word) sparkling romantic comedy that the Village Voice calls "sophisticated, romantic and wildly funny, a gay-friendly Friends!" With Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy), Jennifer Ehle (The King's Speech), and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix). "Fresh, effervescent sex comedy...Friends meets early Almodovar!" -The New York Post
Parting Glances
Starring Steve Buscemi, this pioneering work of gay cinema tells the surprisingly funny, wonderfully acted story of a man and his former and current lovers, set in the gay scene of Manhattan. "The best movie ever made about gays in the United States... you can't help wondering why most films can't move this well or look this good." -Seattle Times
To Die For (aka Heaven's a Drag)
The hit British gay comedy about cruising...in the afterlife! Simon and Mark are lovers who live together in a sexually open arrangement. When Mark dies, Simon represses his grief. But shrugging off the past isn't so easy. "Longtime Companion meets Topper, with a dollop of La Cage Aux Folles!" -The New York Times

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