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A documentary by Lisa F. Jackson & Sarah Teale

83 minutes, color, 2018

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A multi-billion dollar American development is poised to engulf a small coastal community in Mexico with a mega hotel/housing complex. Tres Santos is marketed to affluent Americans as 'mindful' and 'holistic' but threatens the dwindling water supply and the beaches. Facing this existential threat, local fishermen and townspeople band together in an attempt to save their livelihoods and the delicate ecosystem on which they all depend. Patrimonio reveals how rampant, unsustainable development is destroying communities, ecosystems and long-held ways of life all over the world - and how it can be stopped.

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"Thoroughly engrossing. A sort of creeping feudalism is making such a striking comeback - with the ever-more-fabulously-rich squeezing the poor of every dime and resource - that 'Patrimonio' feels like a frightening portent. Will such crude appropriations of land and water to benefit the privileged, while depriving others of their most basic needs, become an increasingly typical future scenario?" - Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"A superb documentary...riveting. Reveals in microcosm a growing global phenomenon." - The Times Weekly

"Brilliant, eye-opening...a stunning example of people reaffirming their rights and standing up to monetary interests." - Electric Bento

"An essential and compelling film." - Screen Anarchy

"A film that holds your attention and keeps it from first frame. Highly recommended." - Unseen Films

"The story of the fishermen is presented as a David v. Goliath battle." - El Proceso

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Also included: optional Spanish language-only version


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