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Roman de Gare
A film by Claude Lelouch

105 minutes, fiction, color, 2007

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Judith Ralitzer, novelist and femme fatale, is seeking characters for her next best-seller. Meanwhile a serial killer has just escaped from a high security prison. Their paths are about to cross in Claude Lelouch's tricky thriller, which features a number of characters and a timeline that skips back and forth, keeping the audience guessing. Starring Fanny Ardant, Dominique Pinon and Audrey Dana.

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"A playful and sexy whodunit." - Orlando Sentinel

" Brilliant! The smartest and best suspense movie you're likely to see for a while." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Witty, dizzying, breathtaking!" - Los Angeles Times

"A lavishly appointed and sensuous thriller with a delightfully tricky plot." - The New York Times

"A beautifully conceived and superbly written and acted thriller! It manipulates you in a sly way you'll love. The performances are perfect!" - NBC/Reel Talk

"An enjoyably crafty thriller!" - Entertainment Weekly

"An ingenuous knot of plot, expertly tangled, in which nothing is quite what it seems." - Seattle Times

"It's intellectually cagey, potentially romantic, and, above all, an entertaining puzzle box of duplicitous people doing mysterious things." - Austin Chronicle

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