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Sex(Ed): The Movie
A film by Brenda Goodman

76 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

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How did you first learn about sex? Maybe it was a book with colorful illustrations, a talk with Mom or Dad, a corny classroom film, or just a random encounter with a dirty magazine.

Sex(ed): The Movie offers a revealing, occasionally awkward, and often hilarious look at how Americans have learned about sex from the early 1900s to the present. Using clips from an astounding array of sex ed films, this entertaining documentary captures what it was like for the kids – confusion, shock, embarrassment – and as well for those doing the educating (often with moral agendas front and center).

Sex(ed) ultimately shows us that educating kids about sex is not just about conveying the facts of biology and the dangers of STD; what we learn (and how we learn it) affects our identity, our relationships, and our ability to be intimate throughout our lives.

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"Equal parts film history and social history, the film celebrates the importance of sexuality in being human." - The Herald-Sun

"Fantastic...a compendium of sorts really of how sex ed has evolved...an eyeopening look at sex education in this country." - HuffPost Live

"This doc about the history of sex-ed films is alternately hysterical and horrifying."
- NewsObserver.com

"Entertaining clips...surprising links! An essential conversation-starter." - Slant Magazine

"The film is an entertaining timeline that should have viewers thinking back on their own memories of sex-ed." - Dina Gachman, USC Women of Cinematic Arts

"Director Brenda Goodman does a marvelous job of creating a very funny yet very educational documentary!" - Phil Castor, Phil's Film Adventures

Disc Features

●  Two Archival Sex Ed Films: “A Respectable Neighborhood” (1961) • “Masturbatory Story, or Coming of Age” (1976)
●  4 Deleted Scenes: Douche Nozzle • Fallopian Tubes • Graham Crackers & Masturbation • The War on Sex

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