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She Must Be Seeing Things
A film by Sheila McLaughlin

94 minutes, fiction, color, 1987
DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

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Agatha is an international lawyer, Jo a filmmaker. The two women are lovers. While Jo is on the road showing her films, Agatha discovers and reads her diaries. Problems ensue as Agatha’s transgressions lead to jealousy and a spiraling cycle of sexual obsession.

Sheila Dabney and Lois Weaver star in this landmark lesbian classic, now digitally restored. Revelatory for its representation of a new lesbian desire, She Must Be Seeing Things put forth a politicized eroticism that mirrored the burgeoning butch/femme scene at the time.

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"A landmark film...brilliant. It pursues, in unprecedented ways, the nature of lesbian desire, fantasy and sexuality." - St. Louis Riverfront Times

"Eroticism, voyeurism, and female desire. A thought-provoking film." - Sight & Sound

"An engaging comedy of sexual jealousy." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"Groundbreaking in its understated portrayal of sophisticated urban lesbians." - New York Native

"The sex scenes are refreshingly frank." - Time Out London

"Sheila McLaughlin shows that a love story can transcend sexual preference." - La Republica (Italy)

Disc Features

●  Short Film: Inside Out (25 min.; 1978)
●  Interview with Sheila McLaughlin (63 min.; 2012)

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