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Somewhere With No Bridges
A documentary by Charles Frank

58 minutes, color, 2022

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Heralded as "a celebration of life like you've never seen," Somewhere With No Bridges is a stirring, lyrical journey beneath the brusque, reticent surface of a New England fishing community.

Twenty years after a beloved local fisherman, Richie Madeiras, goes missing off the shores of Martha's Vineyard, a distant cousin locates Richie's kind, indelible spirit in the stories of family, friends, and the sweeping sea which has defined their lives.

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"Told with the reverence and grace of Terrence Malickís Tree of Life." - Graffiti with Punctuation

"BEST DOCUMENTARIES 2021! Charles Frank uses the specificity of this taciturn New England fishing community to craft a universal reflection on grief, memory, and time. His stunning film finds as much beauty in silence as the patient and moving voice-over narration. Hypnotic and truly inimitable, Somewhere With No Bridges is a meditative paean for a soul that once touched the earth but lives on in the salty sea air." - Video Librarian

"A celebration of life like youíve never seen." - Screentology

"Itís very likely that Charles Frank's remarkable and deeply felt poetic documentary is one of the best memorial films youíll ever see. The film is something of a master-class in picture and sound editing, giving us beautiful artistic sequences, wonderfully scored, cut with gorgeous scenes of the islandís ocean and coasts, as well as intimate portraits." - Richard Alaniz, KPFK Film Club


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