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The Soul of a Farmer
A documentary by Roger Sherman

35 minutes, color, 2021

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The Soul of A Farmer follows Patty Gentry, a former chef, as she battles to earn a living on her three acre Early Girl Farm on Long Island. Isabella Rossellini, from whom Patty rents her land tells us, "Patty is the Picasso of vegetables!"

The documentary upends the romance of farm-to-table buying fresh produce directly from farmers markets and at farm stands is wonderful, but the farmer's life is a constant struggle. We watch Patty work her butt off (with her small, mostly female team) seven days a week, growing the vegetables her top chef clients treasure. Patty's passion is to constantly improve her soil, increase her yield of organic vegetables, and just as urgently scramble to stay afloat.

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"Exhilarating! Its thrilling to watch anyone who is so dedicated to her work and enjoys it so much." -HeadButler.com


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