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Tiny: A Story About Living Small
A film by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith

62 minutes, color, 2013
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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After a decade of travel, Christopher Smith approaches his 30th birthday and decides it's time to plant some roots. He impulsively buys a 5-acre plot of land in hopes of fulfilling a lifelong dream of building a home in the mountains of Colorado. With the support of his girlfriend, Merete, he sets out to build a Tiny House from scratch despite having no construction experience.

From 1970 to 2010, the average size of a new house in America nearly doubled. Yet in recent years, many are redefining their American Dream to focus on flexibility, financial freedom, and quality of life over quantity of space. These self-proclaimed "Tiny Housers" live in homes smaller than the average parking space, often built on wheels to bypass building codes and zoning laws. Tiny takes us inside six of these homes stripped to their essentials, exploring the owners' stories and the design innovations that make them work.

Tiny is a coming-of-age story not only for a generation that is more connected, yet less tied-down than ever, but also for a society that is redefining its priorities in the face of a changing financial and environmental climate. More than anything, Tiny invites its viewers to dream big and imagine living small.

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"Like a perfectly realized tiny house, the film is compact, economical and elegant, a fitting testament to the spirit of the tiny house movement and the DIY trend in non-fiction filmmaking." - HotDocs Film Festival

"A story about learning to live large - about expanding our concept of what our domestic spaces can do for us, in connecting us to our communities, to nature, to our loved ones, and to our dreams." - Austin Chronicle

"Highly recommended. It's an environmental piece without trying, and a rather in-depth look at the growing urge to move away from the excessive consumption of life to a more simple way of doing things." - Toronto Film Scene

"[TINY] is really about re-examining what home means, and challenging the emotional assumptions we as Americans attach to home ownership." - Popculture Beast

"An intimate and very personal doc/diary about the nascent human desire to be self-reliant and the joy of being unencumbered by possessions. Remarkably good." - Video TapeWorm

"Amidst a culture known for its material comfort, the film successfully poses the question, "What if less is more?" TINY is a worthwhile starting point if you're interested in this big, big movement about sensible living and small, small houses. It's guaranteed to make you think. Yes, the houses may be tiny, but the amount of conversation the documentary could inspire for its viewers about downsizing and excess might be anything but small."
- PopMatters

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Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn

Tiny Houses by Mimi Zeiger

Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet by Ryan Mitchell

Coming Home: Letters from a Tiny House by Hari Kaur Berzins



Watch a Clip: The American Dream Is Alive and It's Really, Really Tiny - The Atlantic, 6/3/14

Interview: Want to build a tiny house with your boo? The TINY couple has tips for you - Grist, 6/3/14

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Disc Features

●  Interview with Filmmakers
●  Behind the Scenes
●  Bonus Scenes & Shorts

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