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To the Extreme
A documentary by Christopher Cutri

32 minutes, black & white, 2019



Extreme sports embody a peculiar space within our culture. What was once just for a select, elite few has become almost common-place. What has caused the rise of Ultra-Marathons, Wing Suit Jumping and other extreme activities? To the Extreme explores the question, featuring interviews with Marshall Miller, Cory Reese, and Matt Park.

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"To the Extreme is well worth a look, especially if your bucket list includes participating in the heart pounding excitement of diving off a cliff or summoning the physical endurance needed to run an ultra-marathon. The documentary's sharply sculpted black and white photography is not only visually exquisite but it also serves as a way to strip away the clutter from the surrounding landscape and reduce it down to its natural essence. In this way, the film aptly illustrates the adrenaline-pumping experience involved in testing the limits of the human body." - Montreal Rampage

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