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Waiting for Armageddon on DVD
Directed by Franco Sacchi, Kate Davis and David Heilbroner

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America’s 50-million strong Evangelical community is convinced that the world’s future is foretold in Biblical prophecy, from the Rapture to the Battle of Armageddon. Waiting for Armageddon explores this apocalyptic worldview, from the homefront in America to the future battlefield of Israel. By weaving Christian, Zionist, and Jewish perspectives along with telling archival materials, this eyeopening film also probes the potentially explosive alliance between Evangelical Christians and Israel...an alliance that may set the stage for what one Evangelical leader calls “World War III."

What the Critics are Saying

" Fascinating. Bold, courageous and honest. Food for thought for us all."
- Jerusalem Post

"An eye-opening look at what 50 million fellow Americans believe." - Boston Phoenix

"Alarmingly good! A terrific documentary." - Ella Taylor, The Village Voice

"The best contribution to the Evangelical genre since Jesus Camp." - Kam Williams, Newsblaze

"A riveting and provocative film." - The Jewish Journal

"Scrupulously thorough and fair-minded. Completely nonpolemical, non-judgmental... and refreshing." - Box Office Magazine

"An exceptionally well-made documentary. Both entertaining and a gem of enlightenment." - Harvey Karten, Arizona Reporter

Recommended Reading

On the Road to Armageddon: How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend by Timothy P. Weber

Allies for Armageddon: The Rise of Christian Zionism by Victoria Clark

Fundamentalism and American Culture by George M. Marsden

Evangelicals and Israel: The Story of American Christian Zionism by Stephen Spector


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Interview with co-director Franco Sacchi on WBUR's Here & Now

Read co-director David Heilbroner's Huffington Post piece "Evangelicals, Israel, and the End of the World"

Interview with co-director David Heilbroner on indieWIRE

Features and Specifications

Bonus materials:

  • Bonus Film: Interfaith Roundtable Discussion

Format: DVD
Release Year: 2009
Running Time: 74 minutes + bonus film
Color: color
Language: English

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