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A film by Laura Israel

83 minuntes, color, English, 2010

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Wind power: it's sustainable...it burns no fossil fuels...it produces no air pollution. What's more, it cuts down dependency on foreign oil.

That's what the people of Meredith, NY first thought when a wind developer looked to supplement the rural farm town's failing economy with a farm of their own - that of 40 industrial wind turbines. But when a group of townspeople discover the impacts that a 400-foot high windmill could bring to their community, Meredith's residents become deeply divided as they fight over the future of their community.

With wind development in the United States growing annually at 39 percent, Windfall is an eye-opener for anyone concerned about the environment and the future of renewable energy.

WINNER! Grand Prize, DOC NYC

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"Urgent, informative and artfully assembled. Its implications are clear: the quest for energy independence comes with caveats. Energy companies remain eager to plunder nature's bounty in pursuit of profit." - The New York Times

"Daring...intriguing...insightful. Attuned to the folly of human ingenuity." - Village Voice

"Sublimely cinematic! Windfall is thoroughly engaging, educational and entertaining."
- The Wall Street Journal

"Emotionally charged! A genuine cliffhanger." - Washington Post

"Fascinating, insightful, and fair." - Huffington Post

"Gripping! A microcosmic version of the political divisions - between left and right, environmentalists and free-marketers, corporations and citizens - that have virtually paralyzed our republic." - Salon.com


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Industrial Wind Action Group

National Wind Watch

American Wind Energy Association

Disc Features

• Bonus Interviews & Footage
• Resource Guide
• Filmmaker Biography

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