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16 Acres

Director - Richard Hankin
Run Time - 92 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD, streaming
Year - 2012
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- American Studies, Architecture, Art, Business, Communication, Design, Economics, History (U.S.), Labor Studies, Law & Legal Studies, Political Science, Urban Studies

Institutional DVD Price: $295

"Political Ambition"  |  "Everybody Wants to Win"   |   "Cornerstone"

Free Enhanced eBook with Every Purchase! The Enhanced eBook Companion comes includes behind-the-scenes extras, slide shows, architectural renderings, and much more!

The rebuilding of ground zero is the most architecturally, politically, and emotionally complex urban renewal projects in recent history. The struggle to develop these 16 acres of land has encompassed eleven years, nineteen government agencies, a dozen projects and over $20 billion.  Aside from the engineering challenges, several constituencies -- politicians, developers, architects, insurance companies, local residents, and relatives of 9/11 victims -- profess conflicting claims to the site. As with all great urban projects, from the Pyramids to Rome's Coliseum to Rockefeller Center, a small group of powerful people will dictate the outcome. Exclusive interviews with Chairman of the 9/11 Memorial, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and former New York Governor George Pataki provide insight into the high-stakes political maneuvers that have defined their legacies. Conversations with developer Larry Silverstein, Executive Director of Port Authority Chris Ward, award-winning architect Daniel Libeskind, and 9/11 Memorial designer Michael Arad, illuminate the emotional and practical challenges that ultimately shaped the souring 104 story tower that now dominates the iconic New York City skyline.

“Riveting and emotional!” - New York Post

“A unique look at civic strife and a city’s spirit.” - New York Daily News

“Uncommonly engrossing and articulate.” - Variety