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Praise for Brosens & Woodworth's ALTIPLANO

"Undeniably gorgeous  (Francisco Gózon’s cinematography is frequently stunning)...Filled with mythic style and magical thinking." - Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

"Strong cast...technically impressive moments... Brosens and Woodworth offer a lyrical approach that uses visual metaphors and thematically hefty gestures to hammer their message home...impeccable, color-rich lensing.” -  Jordan Mintzer, Variety

"Altiplano is a lyrical and probing film about our divided but inextricably linked world."
- The Washington Post

"In majestic, stately fashion, Brosens and Woodworth celebrate the profound faith of the villagers, whose devout Catholicism is intermixed seamlessly with their ancient native religion that centers on the worship of Mother Earth. The filmmakers suggest that a soaring spiritual path not only offers the possibility of redemption but also strength in the face of government indifference to industrial pollution and its effects on indigenous peoples." -Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"Masterfully crafted... the beauty of this work lies in the lyrical storytelling, silence and realization that lurking beneath every beautiful image is something else seething to get out." - Amy R. Handler, Moving Pictures Magazine

"Dreamy…eye-catching…they conjure haunting, achingly beautiful visions...mental reflections from the minds of characters sick in their bodies or their hearts - or their graceful, sweeping, circular camera moves." - Ian Buckwalter, NPR

FOUR STARS  "Quietly stunning, visually inventive feature…there is no denying the directors’ stunning mise en scene, bold cinematic flair and haunting tale of a world dangerously out of balance." - Alex Roberts,

"Utterly compelling in its encompassing beauty and design."  - James van Maanen, TrustMovies

"Set amongst the majestic beauty of the high Andes in Peru, Altiplano is ambitious, visually striking and thought-provoking. Cinematographer Francisco Gozon captures breathtaking images." -Screen Daily

"A powerful, visually sublime film...a beacon of contemporary auteur cinema and a universal piece of art." -Le Soir (FRANCE)

"Its unique combination of visual grandeur and impressive music is reminiscent of Tarkovski and Terrence Malick." -Metro (UK)

"Exuberant filmic poetry from a reality richer than ours. Overwhelming."
-De Filmkrant (GERMANY)

"Visually superb, Altiplano offers a re-enchanted view of the world." -Amnesty International