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Director - Leslie Cardé
Run Time - 94 minutes
Language - English
Format - HDCAM, Stereo, 1:1.78, color
Year - 2007
Genre - Documentary

One of America's proudest achievements, our national infrastructure, is now its most dangerous embarrassment. Our bridges, dams, levees and highways are crumbling, toppling, being washed away, and putting American citizens and cities at risk. How could the most powerful nation on the planet let this happen?

Narrated by Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss and featuring interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, noted scientists, whistleblowers who risked their lives and careers to speak out, and politians from both sides of the aisle (including Barack Obama and John McCain), this searing documentary exposes the rampant collusion, corruption and cronyism within the government agencies whose very purpose is to protect us.

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